The Carboy Cleaner has saved me a tremendous amount of time during the clean up and sanitation process of brewing. I cannot believe that I have gone this long without such a tool. Great job on the design and functionality of the Carboy Cleaner, I am sold for life!

Kainoa Lopez
BuckSnort Beverage Co. - Bellevue, Idaho

Carboy Cleaner Tips & Tricks

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Cleaning Tips

Carboy Cleaner Instructions - PDF

1. Tip the carboy on its side while cleaning with Carboy Cleaner to add extra water contact in the upper shoulder and neck area of the carboy to remove tough stains and grime.

2. Do a preliminary rinse of container prior to using Carboy Cleaner to remove any large loose material.

3. Clean container with Carboy Cleaner for 30 seconds, let soap and suds sit for 5 minutes to soak, then finish for another 30 seconds.

4. Adjust drill speeds to find an even, consistent speed to reduce vibration.

5. One minute of cleaning/scrubbing is all that is needed on most cleaning applications.