The least volunteered for job in our wine study group was cleaning carboys. It has always been a wet, cold in the winter, unrewarding necessary chore that everyone tried to pass along. The long handle brush was the only thing available to get the major part of the residue off the sides of the carboy but the area which narrowed to the neck remained a major problem. We bought three of your cleaners and are happy to report they do a great job. Our carboys are like new again, sparkling clear and ready for reuse. Thanks!
Dr. Robert Stellato
Eqwine Vineyards Wine Study Group - Redding, CA

The Carboy Cleaner

The time has finally come for a new product to enter the market and change the way we clean carboys!

I used to spend countless hours scrubbing carboys with that bristle brush and dreaded every frustrating minute of it!

Do you ever take your car into a touchless car wash only to notice that film of dirt still your car when you’re done? The only way to really wash your car is to scrub it yourself! Right? I think the same goes for the inside of your carboy! Watch the video. I developed and filed a US Patent for the Carboy Cleaner because I decided I was done using that bristle brush which all the while I knew it didn't even clean that well anyway!

The exclusively designed cleaning pads are made of a 100% non-woven viscose material specially processed using air-spun technology. This makes the Carboy Cleaner cleaning pads super absorbent, lint free, strong, yet soft enough that it will not scratch any fine surface.

What makes these cleaning pads special though is on the inside! A high strength yet flexible plastic insert helps the cleaning pad maintain rigidity during the high torque produced buy a cordless drill and the super absorbent, expanding cellulose sponge at the end of the cleaning pad assists in the centrifugal cleaning force and cyclonic action of the Carboy Cleaner!

Only the highest quality Stainless Steel is used on the cleaning rod and all the attaching components to ensure many years of rust free use!

Buy a Carboy Cleaner today. If after 45 days you are not completely satisfied we will give you a 100% refund of your money! Look for our Ads in WineMaker and Brew Your Own Magazines!